From Haifa Rotary Club
As a participant in this cross-cultural education program, RCNY has received an update on the project from the Haifa Rotary Club, drafted by Dr. Amnon Shefi of Hi-Teach.
    letter, report & photos inside.

Letter from Dr. Amnon Shefi

Attached please find a report on the activity of the Rotary Hands Across Water program run by the Haifa Rotary Club in collaboration with the Coral Spring/Parkland Club and a long line of supporting clubs and districts, all part of the Rotary Hands Across Water cross cultural water inspired science education program which has been running a large water project that culminated in a graduation event held this week in honor of the International Water Day

Educating more than one thousand students of Jews and Arabs to work together in search of advanced water solutions, was the theme of the successful year, which culminated in a graduation event that is discussed in the attached report. The report includes pictures and a link to a you tube video clip of the event, which is submitted jointly on behalf of the Haifa host club and the Coral Spring / Parkland International Partner as well as all the additional clubs listed in the document wwo are partners of the GG1640670 RHAW Phase-II program.

Best wishes

Dr. Amnon Shefi


International Water Day Update

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