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In 2002, NLG awarded him its highest honor, the lifetime achievement Clemy. He was elected vice president (1997-1999) of the American Numismatic Association (ANA), a Congressionally-chartered nonprofit educational organization, which awarded him its Presidential Award in 2003. In 2016, ANA in partnership with NLG and the American Numismatic Society named him recipient of the Burnett Anderson Memorial Award for excellence in numismatic writing.

Scott A. Travers signs autographs

He is the executive editor of COINage magazine, executive mediator for the Numismatic Consumer Alliance, has written hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, conducted numerous symposiums at coin shows and other public forums, presented awards to others and served as a coin valuation consultant to the Federal Trade Commission. The Official Guide to Coin Grading and Counterfeit Detection by PCGS was edited by Scott A. Travers.

Scott A. Travers book covers

His opinions as an expert are often sought by publications such as Barron’sBusiness Week, and The Wall Street Journal. A frequent guest on national television (NBC’s Today, ABC World News TonightInside EditionCNBC, MSNBC and FOX), radio programs and trade video features, Scott Travers has won awards and gained an impressive reputation not only as a coin expert but also as a forceful consumer advocate for the coin-buying public.

He serves as numismatic advisor to a number of major investment funds and has coordinated the liquidation of numerous important coin collections. His online blog, The Money Connoisseur, from Bottom Line, won two NLG awards.

Scott A. Travers at the National Money Show

The New York Times called Scott Travers “the Ralph Nader of the numismatic world,” and Newsweek called him “the collector’s best friend.” He is president and member of Scott Travers Rare Coin Galleries, LLC, in New York.