Please join @Double Gemini and @The Rotary Club of New York on March 16 for "Time Management for the Overworked."

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I will discuss the collection of reasons that culminate in the loss of productivity and exacerbate feelings of stress. It is my hope that everyone leaves the discussion with new strategies for addressing their productivity challenges, including a process that helps us all to “get into the zone” and achieve the holy grail of work life balance. 

Prasanth Nair is the founder and CEO of Double Gemini, a productivity transformation company that designs processes to improve productivity. He is an expert in the fields of productivity processes, project management, and change management. What differentiates Double Gemini is its specialized ability to design productivity processes and deliver them as transformative training solutions and labs across five core productivity categories: 1) Email management (Stack Method), 2) Email etiquette (Pulse Method), 3) Meeting management (Focus Method), 4) Project management (Vision Method), 5) Time & Task Management (Zone Method). When organizations overlay these processes, they achieve a complete productivity transformation by maximizing employee knowledge and output and creating equal access collaboration between employees working inside and outside of the office.
One certain in life – for everyone – is feeling overworked, burnt out and a lack of work life balance. These feelings may ebb and flow but for the majority of today’s workforce, they are stronger than ever given the changing dynamics of how and when we work. 
Employees often pivot to the same answers on what is causing these feelings, whether that be lack of energy, interruptions at home or work, or an inbox that is bombarded with emails. In actuality, there is not one reason but a collection of reasons which culminate in the loss of productivity among workers and exacerbate feelings of stress. 
In this presentation, Prasanth Nair, CEO and founder of productivity transformation company Double Gemini, will share tested insights into why you are feeling overworked and not productive and a holistic model and strategies for addressing productivity obstacles. Participants will be taught how to use this model to “get into the zone” and achieve the holy grail of work life balance.