A New Year is Upon Us
As we are in June of the current Rotary year, we are already looking ahead to the new Rotary year 2020-21. Annual dues are shortly needing payment. The deadline is June 27
        more info and invoice inside.

2020 - 2021
Planning for the year has been going on for some time and President Elect Gerard Schriffen and the incoming Board of Directors are looking forward to working with you as a team and reaching many successes in our Manhattan community.

Given the special circumstances we find ourselves in, we were for some time now obliged to meet on a virtual level and the support and feedback of those meetings has been great. We thank you for that.

To ease the payment of the dues, you can take advantage of paying half the dues of $392.50 by the end of June and the second half by the end of December 2020. Of course you may still remit the full amount by the end of June if you so wish.

If you are a member of the age under 30 your dues will be 50% of the standard amount, thus $392.50 payable in two payments. The same is true if you are a past member and will re-join this year. We would embrace having you back!

Please find attached a link to the invoice. If we have your credit card already on file and you wish to have that method of payment used, please let me know.

Thanks again for all your support of the Rotary Club of New York and its causes.


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