What RCNY Members do in Rotary Service
We take great pride in the service our members contribute in the name of Rotary. RCNY Member Dr. Robert Enright is a prime example with his continued work in planting forgiveness education in a variety of world communities. Read about his current work in Monrovia, Liberia
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Forgiveness Education Across the World

RCNY club member, Dr. Robert Enright, has continued his work this year in planting forgiveness education in a variety of world communities. A Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a founding board member of the International Forgiveness Institute, Inc., established in 1994 (internationalforgiveness.com), he has pioneered the social scientific study of forgiveness, having now developed both Forgiveness Therapy for adults struggling with deep resentments from others’ unjust treatment and Forgiveness Education for children and adolescents. "To forgive is to be good to those who are not good to the forgiver. It is not to find excuses for unfair behavior, nor to forget what happened, nor to necessarily reconcile if the other is not trustworthy."

Forgiveness Education allows students, through stories, to understand what forgiveness is, to see story characters overcome the potentially damaging effects of resentment, and to consider the idea of forgiving within the school setting when conflicts among students inevitably occur. This is an evidence-based approach in which scientific studies show that Forgiveness Education reduces anger and depression in students, increases academic achievement and cooperation, and enlivens teachers’ enthusiasm as educators. Within the past year, Dr. Enright has teamed up with educators in Iran (with Dr. Bagher Ghobari of the University of Tehran), Pakistan (with Dr. Iffat Batool of Government College University, Lahore), Saudi Arabia (with graduate student Nahlah Mandurah), Liberia, Africa (with Bishop Dr. Kortu Brown, President of the Liberia Council of Churches), Israel (educators at the Mar Elias Educational Institutions in Galilee), and other professionals across the world as they strive to bring ideas of forgiveness into educational settings.

These efforts have not gone unnoticed by the world community. In April, 2017 Dr. Enright, as the representative for the International Forgiveness Institute, Inc., created a joint declaration of Forgiveness Education with our own Rotary Club of New York (Renewing Communities through Forgiveness Education: A Prospect for Peace).

His 33 years of work on the social scientific theme of forgiveness has led over 10 professors from across the world (North America, South America, Europe, and Asia) to place his name in nomination for the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize. He invites Rotarians to join with him in bringing forgiveness education into new world communities for peace.


Monrovia, Liberia