RCNY 2020-21 Board & Officer Nominations
This year’s nominating committee for the board of officers and directors affirms the enclosed slate for 2020-2021
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Nominations 2020 - 2021
This year’s Nominating Committee for the Board of Officers and Directors affirms the following slate for 2020-2021:

    • President: Gerard Schriffen
    • President Elect: Tommy Head
    • 1st Vice President: Alexander Litvinov
    • 2nd Vice President: Levent Ozkurt
    • Treasurer: Giulia Iacobelli

    • Fusun Hofer
    • Giuseppe DeGirolamo
    • Malika Abrous
    • Julie Gallanty
    • Brennan Zahler
    • Bolor-Erdene Tumurchudur