Posted by Thomas McConnon
UN Rotary Day in Nairobi
RCNY Member Tom McConnon reports in from UN Rotary Day in Nairobi, Kenya on Nov 9. Turnout was more than 1,300.
        photos & Tom's message inside.

Message from Tom McConnon

I had the good fortune to attend the UN Rotary Day on November 10th. Ninety percent of the attendees were from Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda, I would say. An excellent turn out of more than 1,300.

I am proud to say that the organizers reprinted a section of my book “Conversations at the United Nations “ that was prominently displayed on a huge banner at the entrance to the conference room (see in photo). I spent this very enjoyable and memorable day signing books and answering questions about the Rotary/ United Nations partnership and the importance of having the business community working with the UN.

Some very nice friendships were started, and delicious, exotic Kenyan food was served throughout the day. There was a lot of interest, specially by the African Rotaractors (Younger Rotarians that are in University and under thirty years old).

I remember when UN/Rotary Days were first started by my dear friend, the late Sylvan Barnet in 1989 at the New York, UN headquarters. In those day, there would be only fifty attendees, if lucky. Barney, I am sure, was looking down smiling yesterday!

Thomas V. McConnon.
Editor, Inside The United Nations