Sharing Happiness & Joy
RCNY's beloved pianist, Audrey Joy, has now begun appearing in weekly gigs at our favorite Tudor City Steakhouse. Audrey will be performing and taking requests every Monday from 6:30 to 9pm.
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About Audrey Joy

Singer, songwriter and pianist Audrey Joy exudes happiness and lights up the entire room whether she's on stage performing or sharing a laugh with an old friend. Today, she's performing at StuyTown's Community Center and asking for requests.

"Think of a song right now, and I’ll be able to play it, whatever it is," she instructs her audience before seamlessly transitioning from a Frank Sinatra medley to Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's 2019 hit "Señorita."

The crowd is in awe of her musical talents. But what's even more inspiring: Audrey was born blind.

From a very young age, she was drawn to the piano. Audrey says her music "education" began at two when her grandfather bought her a toy grand piano. She played everything she could learn by ear and began taking formal piano lessons at age seven.

Throughout her life, she never let obstacles stand in her way. She even attended regular public schools, where she was always the only blind student.

"I credit my mother with teaching me to take care of myself. She would take me and my cousins out every week to go bowling, bike riding or ice skating. I just learned how to modify everything but was never held back from doing what all the other kids were doing," she recalls. "At school, I was always the first one to sign up for a show."

Audrey grew up listening to records and attending Vaudeville shows at hotels near her family's home in Monticello, NY. She later graduated from New York University with a degree in music business and got her master’s from Hunter College in music performance. Her first job was at CBS Records (known today as Sony Music.)

"I like music and playing the piano – it’s always been my way of connecting with others," she says.

Throughout her career, she taught music at several high schools in Manhattan and tutored music and other subjects at NYU. Her teaching gigs led her to StuyTown, and she has been a resident since 1995. She's become a fixture at the Community Center holding court at the piano for senior sing-a-longs, resident choral concerts, and, starting tomorrow, Family Friday events.

"She is an asset to the community and its guests," said Sonia Serrano, the Community Center's Lifestyle Services Coordinator.

"Audrey Joy brings a lot to the Community Center, and her performances have delighted the residents who come here.," said Scott Laubner, the Community Center's Manager. "I am always amazed at how she can switch keys for a particular song so easily. She must have memorized hundreds of songs."

Audrey now performs every Monday at the Tudor City Steakhouse from 6:30-9pm.

Audrey has defied the odds and is far from slowing down She is now the official Community Center Musical Director, offering new programs for adults, seniors and children from sing-a-longs, vocal coaching, children's recitals and live music sessions.

Starting March 5, Audrey will begin teaching a complimentary music class (vocal or instrumental) for high school students*, who are experienced singers and musicians looking for additional training. The classes will take place at the Community Center (449 East 14th St.) on Thursdays from 5-6pm. (*Residents only; walk-ins welcome. Click here for more information.)

"I want to give back to the StuyTown community and help these talented young singers and musicians take their careers to the next level and facilitate local, social connections," she said.

The music industry has changed so much in the past 50 years, but muic is as much alive in Audrey's heart as it was when she was a girl.

“Music is a universal language that can connect people," she said. "When I'm performing, it’s just so much fun to sing, so much fun to play. I make music to make people happy."

StuyTown Community Center - 449 East 14th Street, NYC 10009